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A God Who Lets Things Happen? The Mystery of Evil and Suffering

Why does God allow evil? What is the meaning of suffering? Although these are mysteries we will never fully comprehend, the light of faith enables us to grasp at least part of their meaning.

Fostering Interior Life

Suffering, a Caress from God

St Josemaria recalls the story behind no. 208 in The Way: "Blessed be suffering..." He explains that suffering is not evil but a caress from God.

Pray with Saint Josemaría

Suffering and Sickness

In a get-together in southern Spain in 1993, Bishop Alvaro del Portillo speaks abut the meaning of suffering and illness, which are a true "vocation to the Cross."


The Experience of Suffering

Saint Josemaría’s experience of suffering in his own family was a very practical way of attaining the maturity that others reach only after many years.

Fostering Interior Life

How can we endure suffering with joy?

Rodolfo and Lucia suffered the loss of their small son. How can people see God’s hand in events like that? St Josemaria replies to someone in a similar situation, who asked him how to bear suffering with joy.