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"What more can I do?"

As we face a global health crisis, we may find ourselves feeling helpless or at a loss about the best ways to respond or react. What difference can one person really make to improve such a complex situation? The example of Joanna from Singapore shows that knowledge of one’s personal circumstances, a network of good friends, and a bit of initiative can go a long way.

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Learning to Care for One Another in the Family

Eugene and Ann Keng share insights on raising their family of six children in Singapore. Caring for their youngest child Jerome, who has Down's Syndrome, is especially challenging.

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Prelate's Trip to Singapore, Taiwan and Korea

​Bishop Javier Echevarría last week made a brief pastoral trip to Singapore, Taiwan and Korea. Opus Dei’s apostolic work began there in a stable way in 1982, 1985 and 2009, respectively.

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