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Opening of the Saxum Visitor Center

The official opening of the Saxum Visitor Center in the Holy Land took place on February 7 in the presence of the Minister of Tourism for Israel and the Auxiliary Bishop of Jerusalem.

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New Saxum Website

The Saxum Center in the Holy Land, now near completion, has a new website with photos, videos, testimonies and abundant information about activities and facilities for visitors.

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Saxum: Laying the Last Stone

The three-part stone, with the text in Arabic, English, and Hebrew, was laid next to the entrance of the Conference Center to honor the former Prelate of Opus Dei, Bishop Javier Echevarria.


Saxum Around the World

A 5-minute video on how the soon-to-open Saxum project in the Holy Land is already having an impact all over the world.

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Saxum Multimedia Facility

A brief video showing some of the features of the soon-to-open Saxum Visitor Center in the Holy Land.

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"In The Footprints Of Our Faith"

The printed paperback edition is now available for purchase of these 25 articles with religious, historical, and archaeological information about important sites in the Holy Land. A free ebook can be downloaded at the website of the Saxum International Foundation.

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Cultural Activities Begin in Saxum

From November 6-12, the first cultural initiative of the Saxum Foundation was held in the Holy Land, with 450 people from five continents taking part.

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A Journey Through the Holy Land

Saxum Foundation has just published a guide book, "In the Footprints of our Faith," for the main sites in the Holy Land. It can be downloaded in pdf and epub format.

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Saxum: a family spirit in the Holy Land

Testimonies from people all over the world on their hope that the Saxum project in the Holy Land will foster peace and a family spirit there amid the diversity of religious backgrounds.

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Saxum: architectural reconstruction in 3D

A 3 dimensional view of the soon to be completed Saxum Conference Center in the Holy Land.

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