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The priestly soul of a doctor

A medical doctor asks St. Josemaria how to avoid falling into routine at work. The answer is to have a "priestly soul", thereby bringing his patients closer to God.


Speaking with God

Saint Josemaria talks about mental prayer, the practice of dialoguing with God and developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


St. Josemaria's First Communion

April 23 is the 100th anniversary of St. Josemaria's First Holy Communion. A brief video about this anniversary, with words from Benedict XVI recalling his own First Holy Communion 69 years ago.

Saint Josemaria on Opus Dei's future

When asked about the future of Opus Dei, Saint Josemaria says, "Opus Dei has just one thing, the desire to fulfill God's will through our ordinary work...If we're humble and don't stray from our goal, and if we're contemplatives in the street and the market-place, everything will go well."