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Christian Mortification—Praying in Body and Soul

What is the true meaning of "mortification" in our Christian life. An article by Jutta Burggraf (PhD in Theology from the University of Navarre), who passed away in 2010.

Fostering Interior Life

Why suffer? The Christian Meaning of Mortification

A brief summary of four articles on the meaning of Christian mortification.

Fostering Interior Life

What was Jesus' attitude towards penance?

One of the 50 frequently asked questions about Jesus Christ and the Church, answered by a team of professors of History and Theology at the University of Navarre. Juan Chapa is a Doctor of Theology from the University of Navarre.​

Get to Know Christ

Imitating Christ: The Meaning of Christian Sacrifice

Javier Sesé holds a doctorate in Sacred Theology from the University of Navarre.

Fostering Interior Life

The Beauty of the Saints and Christian Mortification

Pablo Marti del Moral has a doctorate in Theology from the Pontificia Università della Santa Croce.

Fostering Interior Life

Lent: a deep sense of reparation

"Let us give our mortification and penance (which have to be more intense during this time of Lent) a deep sense of reparation," Bishop Alvaro del Portillo advised us in a 1990 Letter.


Monday's Gospel: To Enjoy God's Presence

Gospel for Monday in the 2nd Week of Ordinary Time, and commentary.

Gospel commentary