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How Students at Ashwell House Survived the Lockdown

Estelle was a resident in Ashwell for 3 years. She was curious to see if other students who were in Ashwell during lockdown had the same experience as she had: did they also feel Ashwell as a home away from home?


José Maria Hernández Garnica: Newsletters in English

Newsletters in English and a video about the life of Fr José María Hernandez Garnica, who began the apostolic work of Opus Dei in a number of European countries.

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Video Summary of the Prelate in London

Last December, the Prelate of Opus Dei spent three days in London. This 27-minute video includes some of the things he said to his sons and daughters in Britain, as well as the various apostolic initiatives he was able to visit or hear about.

From the Prelate

“I have never been happier”

A 21-year-old engineering student from the North of England learnt to love God and find joy in the intense pain of terminal cancer. Fr Joseph Evans, chaplain of Greygarth Hall in Manchester, tells his story.

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Short video of the Prelate’s visit to London

Monsignor Fernando Ocariz completed yesterday his three-day visit to London, where he met many Opus Dei members and friends, and visited several educational and social projects they run.

From the Prelate

Be ready to go against the current, Prelate tells young British Catholics

This requires firm convictions and a good knowledge of one’s faith.

From the Prelate

Netherhall Residents Sing at Mass in London Prison

"Visiting prisoners has been for many of us not only an act of mercy, but a humanising experience of stepping into a world, like our own, in need of redemption."

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The way Christ looks at us

In a get-together in London in 1985, Bishop Alvaro del Portillo speaks about Christ's loving way of looking at people.