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Saint Josemaría’s Friends: 1902-1927

An article by Constantine Ánchel published in Romana 69. It includes abundant testimonies of how Josemaria formed many friendships even from a young age, which he kept up throughout his lifetime


Friends Until Death

Saint Josemaría was a man with many good friends. He always valued friendship as one of the great treasures of life, and he left this message as a legacy to the faithful of the Work. Pablo Pérez, Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Navarra, spoke of St Josemaría's lasting and deep friendship with Francisco Moreno and Enrique Giménez Arnau, two friends he met in his youth in Zaragoza. This is an English adaptation of that account.

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Very Human, Very Divine (V): To Be a True Friend

All genuine friendship involves an effort both to enter the lives of others and to allow them space in our own life. In this fifth article we look at some virtues that make friendship easier for us.

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Saint Raphael Meditation: Being a Friend of Christ

A meditation (guided prayer) on learning how to value Christ's friendship.

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Free eBook: “I have called you friends: Friendship, a gift from God to light up the earth”

In the light of a pastoral letter of Mgr Fernando Ocáriz on friendship (November 1, 2019), we offer a free eBook with some texts to invite us to discover and share one of the great treasures that Jesus continues to offer to the apostles of today.

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5 Characteristics of Friendship from Pope Francis

For the feast of the Chair of Saint Peter on 22 February, we offer five characteristics of friendship taken from the writings of Pope Francis during his years as Saint Peter's successor.

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Apostles in the Middle of the World: A Sense of Mission (With Audio)

"The dynamic force at work in the apostolate is charity, which is a gift from God, and in a Christian, in a child of God, friendship and charity are one and the same thing."

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The KGB Agent and the Engineer

During the 1970s, Salvatore, who had recently met Saint Josemaría, lived through an adventure worthy of a spy novel.

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I Have Called You Friends (V): See What Good Friends They Are

A new article in the series on friendship. "Friendship is one of the 'divine paths on earth' that God has opened up by becoming a man, a friend of his friends."

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Friends Are Key To Happiness

One of the most thorough studies on human happiness has established scientifically what we know from instinct and common sense: the importance of friends to live a happy life. Saint Josemaria spoke a lot about the importance of personal friendship.

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