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With Love In Our Eyes: Mercy and Fraternity

Saint Josemaria insisted that charity in a Christian should never be “official, dry or soulless,” but rather full of human warmth and affection. An article on Christian life written for the Jubilee of Mercy in the Church.

Fostering Interior Life

Fraternal Correction: A Help Along the Path to Holiness

Fraternal correction is a sincere and affectionate suggestion that a Christian gives to his or her neighbor to help them along the path to holiness. It is a means of spiritual progress by which a person can grow in self-knowledge, becoming aware of defects that might be hidden or disguised by self-love. It is often a necessary precondition to enable us to tackle those defects with God’s help, and so improve our Christian living.

Fostering Interior Life

Fraternity: The Answer to Today's Challenges

In his August 3 general audience, Pope Francis reflected on the recent World Youth Day in Poland and said that "the new generation of young people gave the answer to today's challenges. They gave a sign of hope, called fraternity."

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