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Living For Others

“In a Christian, in a child of God, friendship and charity are one and the same thing. They are a divine light that spreads warmth.” A new article on Christian life.

Fostering Interior Life

Living by Faith

The faith our Lord expects of us "is not the confidence that things will always go well. It is the trust that, no matter how things are going, God will make use of them for my benefit, for the benefit of those around me and of the whole Church."

Fostering Interior Life

Because of two friends

Alice Agusto (Hong Kong) is married and has four children. She describes how receiving classes of Christian formation regularly helps her to be a better and happier person: "I can share from experience that there is always something new to learn.I found it very good to keep reviewing, and it has served as good guidance in my life and in decision making."


Discovering the Church

"My husband was baptized Catholic, but had never received any of the other sacraments. None of our four children nor I had ever been baptized."


October Leaflet for "iPray with the Gospel"

The October Leaflet is now available for "iPray with the Gospel," a new resource to help young people grow in their prayer life.

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"iPray with the Gospel": September Leaflet Now Available

The September Leaflet is now available for "iPray with the Gospel," a new resource to help young people grow in their prayer life.

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London, August 1958: You can’t, but I can!

The founder of Opus Dei first visited London in 1958. He stayed from the beginning of August to the middle of September. He returned in each of the following years until 1962. In 1958, he arrived on August 4 and the following day wrote on the back of a holy picture, ‘Sancta Maria, Sedes Sapientiae, filios tuos adiuva (Holy Mary, Seat of Wisdom, help your children); Oxford, Cambridge, 5-VIII-58. ’

Stories from His Life

Examples of Faith (VII): Saint Peter

"The life of faith can always grow. Peter will continue fighting against fear, against an excessively human view of his mission, against his ignorance of the value of the Cross and suffering." Final article in the series on faith.

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"A Smile and Joy"

"Smiling is an act of humility; it means I accept myself and my way of being, remaining where I am with a holy peace." An article by Carlo de Marchi, Vicar of Opus Dei for Central-South Italy.

Fostering Interior Life

Examples of Faith (VI): the Centurion

A new article in the series on figures from the Old and New Testament who offer us an example of a strong faith, with a heart open to God's love.

Fostering Interior Life