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Choosing a Spouse

A new article in the series on marriage and courtship. "If marriage were about just a man and a woman perhaps it could be entered into with less foresight, but we are marrying the father/mother of our future children."

Fostering Interior Life

Courtship Makes Sense

A new article in the series on the meaning of human love. "Learning to communicate joys, gratitude, and even (or especially) learning to constructively put across feelings of anger and hurt make courtship happy and fruitful and will stand a future marriage in good stead."

Fostering Interior Life

Engagement: Looking Forward to Marriage

First in a new series of articles on the meaning of human love. "Being engaged was certainly not what I expected. It’s a time of learning to love selflessly, to put love into the details, and to put the other person first."

Fostering Interior Life