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Christian Life

In the Sanctuary of Conscience

What is the role of the conscience in our moral life? How does it relate to divine Wisdom and Love? A new article on Christian life.

Fostering Interior Life

Saint Josemaria and the Role of Saint Joseph in Christian Life

An article that will appear in the forthcoming issue of "Romana" (no. 59), written by Fr. Lucas Mateo-Seco shortly before his death in February 2014. The feast of Saint Joseph is celebrated in the Church on March 19.

Christian Life

Priestly Soul – Soul of Christ

All men and women should have a priestly soul, and are called to share intimately in the sentiments of Christ's Heart. This teaching of Saint Josemaria is explained in this article.

Get to Know Christ

Peace begins with interior struggle

Saint Josemaria says that peace in society starts with each person's stuggle to be a better person. "To have peace in our hearts we have to win our interior struggle, because we are all inclined to sin. We were born like that... And if we don't fight, we will fall and lead a really unhappy life."

Pray with Saint Josemaría