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“I discovered that Catholics read the Bible”

Larissa, who was Protestant, had a Catholic boyfriend in Brazil. At first she thought he was going to convert (and he vice versa). There came a time when their differences seemed unsolvable. But Google helped to solve the problem.

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The Solidarity Refrigerator

Thanks to the impetus of cooperators of Opus Dei, a neighborhood initiative began in Brazil to help needy people during the ongoing pandemic.

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24 Hours in Pursuit of Holiness

Perola discovered her vocation to Opus Dei – the call to seek holiness through one's work and daily life – when she was in the university. Here she describes what a typical day in her life as a doctor in São Paulo, Brazil is like.

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Alvaro, a Beacon for his Friends

In the early hours of April 16-17, 2021, Alvaro de Pedroso Siqueira, a young supernumerary of Opus Dei, died from Covid in São Paulo, Brazil. Testimonies soon began arriving from many friends who testified to how Alvaro had helped them come closer to God.

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Beatification Cause Underway for Young Brazilian Attorney

The beatification cause for Marcelo Henrique Câmara, a Supernumerary of Opus Dei who died at the age of 28, has been opened by the Archdiocese of Florianapolis in Brazil.

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Documentary About the Prelate’s 2018 Trip to Brazil

“The Multitudes Await Us” is a 32-minute Beta Films documentary with English subtitles about Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz’s pastoral visit in early 2018 to Brazil.

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On the Front Lines Fighting COVID 19

Henrique Pinhati is a doctor in Brazil and a specialist in infectious diseases. He speaks about how he is trying to live a special charity in his work now.

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"I want them to feel loved too"

Aline studies Geology and volunteers at the Jurujuba Project for young girls from a poor neighborhood in Niterói, Brazil. She explains how the spirit of Opus Dei helps her to look for opportunities to serve those around her.

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"Music is the most spiritual art"

Alvaro is a concert pianist in Brazil. He speaks about how the teachings of Saint Josemaria have helped him to contemplate God, the Fullness of Beauty, in his work.

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"Can we understand suffering?"

Christine works as a nutritionist in a hospital in Brazil. Her daily contact with people with chronic illnesses has led her to reflect more deeply on the meaning of suffering.

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