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Archbishop Gänswein Ordains 27 Priests from 14 Countries

Archbishop Georg Gänswein exhorted the new priests to “remain in Christ.” “In an age when there is so much talk of being ‘progressive,’ you are being asked to remain in Christ.”

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Priestly Ordinations on 22 May

On the 22nd of May, at 10 am, Archbishop Georg Gänswein will ordain 27 faithful of Opus Dei as priests. The ceremony will be broadcast live on this website.

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Cardinal Parolin: "A priest is always another Christ"

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State for the Holy See, ordained 29 priests of the prelature of Opus Dei this morning, in the Basilica of Saint Eugene. Pope Francis sent a letter that was read at the beginning of the ceremony.

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Slovak Violinist Will Be Ordained On 5 September

Andrej Matis is one of the 29 men who will be ordained priests of Opus Dei on Saturday 5 September in Rome. A Rome Reports video.

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5 September 2020: Priestly Ordinations in Rome

Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus, the ordination ceremony that was scheduled for 23 May 2020 will be delayed until 5 September 2020.

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Priestly Ordinations: “God always promises the future”

34 faithful of Opus Dei were ordained priests on Saturday, May 4th, at the Basilica of St. Eugene in Rome. The new priests come from 16 different countries and join the clergy of the Prelature.

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31 New Priests from 15 Countries

On Saturday May 5, Cardinal Robert Sarah ordained 31 priests of the Prelature of Opus Dei in Saint Eugene's Basilica in Rome. "We ask the Lord to send us many holy priests," he said.

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