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Little House, Big Family!

At the beginning of the fifth week of quarantine I was asked “How are you managing with all your kids in that little house of yours?” My husband and I have a happy little brood of nine children ranging in ages from 5 to 22.

Personal testimonies

Running for the Best Cause: Gratitude

Born in the Bronx, Stephanie Frias knows what a tough neighborhood looks like. That’s why she’s keen on remembering her roots and finding ways to give back: "My dream is for everyone to remember the need to be thankful. Sometimes we forget the people who made us become who we are."

Personal testimonies

Video: Monsignor Ocáriz in Barcelona

On July 5th and 6th, the Prelate of Opus Dei visited Barcelona, where ​​he took part in the 60th anniversary of IESE Business School and met with friends and faithful of the Prelature.

From the Prelate

Guadalupe: Inspiration Behind Michoacán School

Lucina is the director and co-founder of a school in Mexico named after Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri. Started in 2013 and with a little over a hundred graduates, the school is making a big difference among the inhabitants of Michoacán.


Interior Quiet in the Digital Age

Faced with all the "noise" of the new technologies, we need to foster the interior quiet that enables us to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit in our soul. A new article on Christian life.

Fostering Interior Life

Leisure and Free Time (2)

"In hallowing the Sabbath, in 'creating' the festive day, God has wanted to associate all men and women with his loving gaze upon the world." A new article in the series on the family and raising children.

Fostering Interior Life

Leisure and Free Time (3)

"On reaching adolescence children may strongly demand an amount of freedom that at times they aren’t yet ready to manage in a mature way."

Fostering Interior Life

Ending hunger

Las Gravileas, a training center for women, has worked for sixteen years running intensive technical and business training programs for destitute women.

Social initiatives

Metro Achievement Center: A Legacy of St. Josemaría

Guided by St. Josemaría Escrivá’s passion for social development and the education of youth, the Metro Achievement Center opened its doors twenty-five years ago in the heart of Chicago’s inner city. Metro is one example among many social initiatives inspired by Opus Dei throughout the world.

"Make friends with your children"

A young father asks Saint Josemaria about how to "face this dilemma" we all have with regard to balancing work and family.

Pray with Saint Josemaría