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Devotion to our Lady

"Jesus can't say no to his Mother," insisted Bishop Alvaro del Portillo, in a get-together in Boston in 1988.



In a get-together with many thousands of people in Madrid in 1993, Bishop Alvaro del Portillo stressed the importance of living the virtue of poverty and learning how to say "no" to ourselves.


Suffering and Sickness

In a get-together in southern Spain in 1993, Bishop Alvaro del Portillo speaks abut the meaning of suffering and illness, which are a true "vocation to the Cross."



Bishop Alvaro speaks about the importance of the sacrament of Confession in Christian life, during a 1993 get-together in southern Spain.


Work is a way to holiness

Bishop Alvaro del Portillo explains how work helps us to be Christians at all times, not just on the weekends.


Biography of Bishop Alvaro del Portillo

Biographical video about Bishop Alvaro del Portillo (1914-1994) and other information on the first successor to Saint Josemaría at the head of Opus Dei.

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