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Apostles Who Give Life

The vocation to Opus Dei as a numerary: enlarging the heart to transmit God's life to the members of the Work and to those who share a stretch of the journey towards heaven with them.

Fostering Interior Life

A Home That Reaches the Whole World

The vocation of a numerary assistant is a specific calling to care for and strengthen family ties in Opus Dei.

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Wanting To Be Children, Finding the Warmth of a Home: Filiation and Paternity in Opus Dei

On the birthday of the Prelate of Opus Dei, we reflect on fatherhood and filiation in this family.

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Supernumeraries: In the Bloodstream of Society

Supernumeraries: the men and women who are the most frequently seen face of Opus Dei.

Christian Life

"Vocation, like holiness, is not reserved for a few"

Message of Pope Francis for the 2022 World Day of Prayer for Vocations on Sunday 8 May.

From the Church and the Pope

What is vocation? Does everyone have a vocation?

Here are some questions about God's call and vocational discernment, with explanations from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and enriched with quotes from Saint Josemaría Escrivá.

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Always an Open Invitation

Each saint is a mission planned by the Father to reflect and embody a certain aspect of the Gospel. What aspects of Jesus’ life do the faithful of Opus Dei seek to embody?

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Beloved, Called, Sent Out: A Sense of Mission (With Audio)

"If we let ourselves be led by God’s Love, if we stay attentive to his inspirations and take notice of his small suggestions, the apostolate will become a 'way of life' that configures our own identity."

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New eBook – Vocation: Something Great that is Love

St. Josemaría recalled how, when he was only sixteen years old, he discovered that his heart was asking him for “something great that is love.” This eBook can help people discern their personal vocation, since God has a plan for each of us.

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Saint Raphael Meditation: Seen and Called By Christ

A meditation (guided prayer) about the calling of Saint Matthew by Jesus and our own Christian vocation.

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