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“A friend’s invitation changed my life”

"My parents and my sister are Evangelicals. I too, for much of my life, was an Evangelical. Until a friend’s invitation changed my life." Elias, a philosophy student in Mexico City, recounts the path of his conversion.

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"Her Achilles heel was turned into gold"

Maria is studying medicine at the university. She is cheerful, enjoys life, has many siblings, and many more friends. At first glance, it seems a life to envy. Nevertheless, like everyone, Maria also has her Achilles heel.

Personal testimonies

The First Supernumeraries. The 1948 Workshop

70 years ago, in September 1948, Saint Josemaria organized a gathering for 15 men where he spelled out in detail what the vocation of married members in Opus Dei entails. An article published in "Studia et Documenta," vol. 12.

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