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Apostolic Visit to Mexico (12-18 February)

Complete itinerary for Pope Francis' trip to Mexico and brief stopover in Cuba, with links to all of his addresses and homilies.

From the Church and the Pope

"Learn how to forgive others"

In a get-together in Mexico in 1983, Bishop Alvaro del Portillo insists that we need to learn how to forgive others, so that God will forgive us.


The Miracle of the Eucharist

With the feast of Corpus Christi approaching, we offer a brief video in which Bishop Alvaro del Portillo explains in simple language the greatness of the Eucharistic miracle. It is taken from a 1983 get-together with families in Mexico.


Tadeo: God's Green Light

Tadeo, from Mexico, was ordained on May 10, 2014. He speaks briefly about how God made known to him his vocation as a priest.

Priestly Society of the Holy Cross

Our Lady's Power of Intercession

During a 1987 get-together with farm workers in Mexico, Bishop Alvaro del Portillo speaks about our Lady's great power of intercession before God.