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Sanctifying Ordinary Work: the Job of Looking for a Job

When he retired, Marco started helping the unemployed in his hometown of Verona, Italy, to find work. "I am happy that God is making use of my talents to continue helping other people."

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Connected Amid the Quarantine

In Italy, the coronavirus has caused a lot of suffering as well as a lot of boredom. Some young people are connecting electronically to support one another during these exceptional circumstances.

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Video: Pastoral Trip of Monsignor Ocáriz to Naples

The Prelate went to Naples on Saturday June 1st, and spent the day with faithful of Opus Dei and their friends.

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Conducting the Orchestra of Your Life

Beatrice Venezi is the youngest orchestra conductor in Italy. She learned about the message of Saint Josemaría at a university residence in Milan.

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"An apostle of joy"

Fabio, a cooperator of Opus Dei in Italy, died recently due to a cancerous tumor. A friend of his recounts the story of his life, marked by joy and generous self-giving.

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Prelate's Pastoral Trip to Sicily: Video Highlights

From May 31st to June 3rd, Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz made a pastoral visit to Sicily. In Palermo, he greeted members of Opus Dei and their friends.

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Serenity for Families of Those Behind Bars

Some Italian volunteers are trying to help children whose fathers are in prison to reopen communication with them, especially through drawings and games.

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When I was 32 I was converted again

My name is Marco and I first heard of St Josemaria’s message about Christian living just over a year ago. I had stopped practicing my faith more than fifteen years before.