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Domestic Work Holds Significance for Business Schools

The profession to which Dora del Hoyo dedicated her entire life is now the topic of an international study involving 94 countries. The Global Home Index seeks to measure the value and repercussion of domestic work.


Dora del Hoyo’s Cause Advances

On October 24 in Rome, at the closing of the first phase of the Servant of God's cause of canonization, Bishop Javier Echevarria summed up her life with these words: "serenity, peace, desires to be faithful."


"No one is born a saint, but Dora struggled to be one."

"What I like about Dora is the way that she loved others," says Lucka from the Czech Republic. Lucka is 15 years old and got to know Dora by reading her biography, ‘A Lighted Lamp’. "Of course, no one is born a saint, but Dora struggled to be one. In her presence, everyone felt loved and at the same time, she loved each person in a special way, without having preferences. I think that if we were more like her, we would make life more pleasant for others."


A Lot of Favors

Here is a short summary of the favors that I have received by praying to Dora del Hoyo. Thank you for all this, Dora - I will continue handing out your prayer card!


Family Traditions: The Annual "Crespillos"

Knowing how to be creative with what one has at home: perhaps this example could serve as inspiration. Every year on the "Friday of Sorrows" (the Friday before Palm Sunday), the mother of Saint Josemaría, Dolores Escrivá, used to prepare a special dessert called "crespillos".​ It was a simple dessert that she ​would only make on that day, and thus the family would look forward to it. The recipe is easy to follow and inexpensive, and makes for a tasty and original dessert for your family.


One Like Us on the Way to Sainthood

I met Dora in 1995, when domestic work was far from my life and even farther from my mind. Dora and I happened to coincide on two occasions in particular in a period of about two months time. This however was enough for me to realize how she was, how she lived, for whom and why she had spent her days giving of herself to the full. There was no need for long explanations to grasp the meaning of her existence. Dora knew the meaning of her life and the path to achieve it to the full.


Time For Others

"Diligence is a virtue that especially characterized Dora," recalls Ma. Carmen Cominges, "She really knew how to maximize her time. It was typical to hear her say, 'As I have a few minutes to spare, I'm going to take advantage of them.'"

Life and Stories

Dora, Pumpkins, and Angel Hair

Isabel Garcia Martin knew Dora and worked with her from 1991 until Dora's passing on January 10, 2004. “In life we get to know a lot of people, and we value and remember them. But there are some people who are unforgettable because, doing things that no one notices and without calling attention to themselves, they make a deep impression on us. We ask ourselves what it is about them...and we begin to discover the heroes of the world, the ones who know how to make us happy in little things."

Life and Stories

While Teaching a Class on Ice Cream

I teach baking and confectionary classes at an institute, and I pray to Dora for favors daily, asking for little things, especially because she knows this field well and she always helps me. One time in particular in which I noted her intercession happened when I was teaching a class about ice cream.


Dora and the Sanctification of Work

A new video with testimonies from people who worked with Dora, and who talk about how she sought to find God in every task that she did, inspiring them to do their work better and in service of others.