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Family Traditions: The Annual "Crespillos"

Knowing how to be creative with what one has at home: perhaps this example could serve as inspiration. Every year on the "Friday of Sorrows" (the Friday before Palm Sunday), the mother of Saint Josemaría, Dolores Escrivá, used to prepare a special dessert called "crespillos".​ It was a simple dessert that she ​would only make on that day, and thus the family would look forward to it. The recipe is easy to follow and inexpensive, and makes for a tasty and original dessert for your family.


Leisure and Free Time (2)

"In hallowing the Sabbath, in 'creating' the festive day, God has wanted to associate all men and women with his loving gaze upon the world." A new article in the series on the family and raising children.

Fostering Interior Life