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RESET: return to initial configuration or factory settings. If after executing different tasks we wish to return to the initial state, we can click RESET to reboot the operating system.

The RESET button may be used when a computer crashes. When a program stops working and the system stops responding RESET allows the system to reboot.

Sometimes our life appears to get blocked, to drift away… as a result of a wrong decision or a wrong step… Who would not want then to have the option of starting afresh? That option exists.

Reset Cases



The Reset Story

The RESET story is very simple. It all started when Pope Francis announced the Year of Mercy at the end of 2015. Many people have collaborated in this project, much more than those featured in these videos. We want to thank them for their generosity.

They have shared their time to speak about their lives, their wounds, their falling and rising; to talk about the human reality of going wrong and the need for forgiveness; the need to love and be loved. Thank you everyone!


How to explain

What is
the sacrament
of Confession

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of conscience

an examination
to do a good confession

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Reset Cases The Reset Story Downloadables