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Apostles in the Middle of the World: A Sense of Mission (With Audio)

"The dynamic force at work in the apostolate is charity, which is a gift from God, and in a Christian, in a child of God, friendship and charity are one and the same thing."

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The KGB Agent and the Engineer

During the 1970s, Salvatore, who had recently met Saint Josemaría, lived through an adventure worthy of a spy novel.

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I Have Called You Friends (V): See What Good Friends They Are

A new article in the series on friendship. "Friendship is one of the 'divine paths on earth' that God has opened up by becoming a man, a friend of his friends."

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Friends Are Key To Happiness

One of the most thorough studies on human happiness has established scientifically what we know from instinct and common sense: the importance of friends to live a happy life. Saint Josemaria spoke a lot about the importance of personal friendship.

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I Have Called You Friends (IV): Fraternity and Friendship

"Friendship is always freely bestowed; if it is sought to fulfil an obligation or to attain a goal it is never truly authentic."

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I Have Called You Friends (II): To Light Up the Earth

The "new commandment" that Jesus entrusted to us at the end of his life teaches us that true friendship is also authentic apostolate.

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I Have Called You Friends (I): Does God Have Friends?

God has always taken the first step in seeking our friendship. By being his friend, we learn how to be good friends of others. A new series on Christian life.

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Letter from the Prelate (1 November 2019)

Pastoral letter of Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz on the importance of friendship. “By living in friendship with God, which is the first friendship we have to foster and strengthen, you will be able to make many true friends."

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Five Keys to Friendship from Pope Francis

“A friend isn’t just an acquaintance, someone you enjoy passing the time of day with. Friendship is something much deeper.” Some advice from Pope Francis on friendship.

From the Church and the Pope

A Life in Dialogue with Others

A new article in the series on developing a strong Christian personality. "Openness to others is closely united to our progress in the lifelong battle to unmask the face of pride and grow in humility. Pride seeps into the most surprising nooks and crannies of our relationships with others."

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