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Trapped by the Floods in Germany

“Move fast! You’re in danger. Put what you need for three days in a knapsack. We’ll come back for you in a few minutes.” José Santos. a Portuguese doctor, recounts his dramatic experience during the recent floods in Germany.

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In Sickness and in Health

Twenty years ago Javier suffered a serious car accident that left him confined to a wheelchair. But despite everything, he and Begoña decided to get married, and their life together has been very fruitful.

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“I know that prayer saved us”

Gisela, a cooperator of Opus Dei in Ecuador, recounts how prayer helped her family overcome Covid when she was pregnant.

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In Macau: "We learned to adapt as a family"

Monica talks about how she and her family have learned to adapt to pandemic restrictions in Macau, in southern China, and to thank God for all his small daily gifts.

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Nathalie, Cooperator of Opus Dei

Nathalie lives in a rural district of Canada with her husband and eight children. When told by doctors that her youngest child would be born with a severe genetic disorder, she confronted the situation with great faith in God.

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"An apostle of joy"

Fabio, a cooperator of Opus Dei in Italy, died recently due to a cancerous tumor. A friend of his recounts the story of his life, marked by joy and generous self-giving.

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Advancing in Tandem: Pilgrimage to Jasna Gora

Marek has never seen the face of his wife Magda. Although blind, he still has a vivid memory of the image of Our Lady of Częstochowa, which is how he imagines his wife’s face. To celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary they rode together on a tandem bike to visit our Lady in Jasna Gora.

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Hyeunmin's Noon Appointment

Although she wasn’t a believer, Hyeunmin accompanied a friend at work every day during their lunch break to pray the Angelus in a nearby church. Thus began her journey to the faith in Seoul, Korea.

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A Light for My Path

Michelle Murray is a cooperator of Opus Dei who lives in Edmonton, Canada. The mother of eight children and eight grandchildren, she works professionally as an artist.

Cooperators of Opus Dei

Devotion to Isidoro in the Polish Railways

Antoni Idkowiak, a cooperator of Opus Dei who works for the Polish Railway Company, talks about his efforts to spread devotion to Isidoro Zorzano, recently declared Venerable by Pope Francis.