“Put Christ at the summit of all human activities”

Every activity - be it of great human importance or not - must become for you a means to serve Our Lord and your fellow men. That is the true measure of its importance. (The Forge, 684)

Work always and in everything with sacrifice, in order to put Christ at the summit of all human activities. (The Forge, 685)

Correspondence to grace is to be found also in the ordinary little things of each day, which seem unimportant and yet have the over‑riding importance of Love. (The Forge, 686)

You cannot forget that any worthy, noble and honest work at the human level can ‑‑ and should! ‑‑ be raised to the supernatural level, becoming a divine task. (The Forge, 687)

As Jesus, who is our Lord and Model, grows in and lives as one of us, he reveals to us that human life ‑‑ your life ‑‑ and its humdrum, ordinary business, have a meaning which is divine, which belongs to eternity. (The Forge, 688)