“If ever you fall... go quickly to Confession”

If ever you fall, my son, go quickly to Confession and seek spiritual guidance. Show your wound so that it gets properly healed and all possibility of infection is removed, even if doing this hurts you as much as having an operation. (The Forge, 192)

I am going to summarise your clinical history: here I fall and there I get up. The latter is what matters. So continue with that interior struggle, even though you go at the pace of the tortoise. Forward! You know well, my son, where you can end up, if you don't fight: one depth leads to another and another. (Furrow, 173)

You understood what sincerity is when you wrote to me: ``I am trying to form the habit of calling things by their proper names and, above all, of not looking for words for what does not exist.'' (Furrow, 332)

Abyssus, abyssum invocat ... -- one depth makes answer to another, as I have already reminded you. It is the exact description of how liars, hypocrites, renegades, and traitors behave. As they are disgusted with their own behaviour, they hide their misdeeds from others and go from bad to worse, creating an abyss between themselves and their neighbour. (Furrow, 338)

Sincerity is indispensable if we are to achieve greater union with God. If you have an ugly ``toad'' inside you, my son, let it out! As I have always advised you, the first thing you must mention is what you wouldn't like anybody to know. Once the ``toad'' has been let out in Confession ‑‑ how well one feels. (The Forge, 193)

At the time of examination beware of the devil that ties your tongue. (The Way, 236)

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