“A saint, without prayer?”

If you don't keep in touch with Christ in prayer and in the Bread, how can you make him known to others? (The Way, 105)

I well understand you when you write: 'Every day I do my "few minutes" of prayer; if it weren't for that!...' (The Way, 106)

A saint, without prayer? I don't believe in such sanctity. (The Way, 107)

Plagiarizing the words of another writer, I will tell you that your apostolic life is worth what your prayer is worth. (The Way, 108)

I would like you to behave as Peter and John did ‑‑ speaking to Jesus about the needs of your friends and colleagues as you pray. And then with your example you will be able to say to them: Respice in nos! ‑‑ look at me!. (The Forge, 36)

Saint Luke the Evangelist tells us that Jesus prayed. What must his prayer have been like! Contemplate this fact slowly: the disciples had the opportunity of talking to Jesus and in their conversations with him the Lord taught them by his words, and deeds, how they should pray. And he taught them this amazing truth of God's mercy: that we are God's children and that we can address Him as a child addresses his Father. (The Forge, 71)

When you start out each day to work by Christ's side and to look after all those souls who seek him, remember that there is only one way of doing it: we must turn to the Lord. Only in prayer, and through prayer, do we learn to serve others. (The Forge, 72)

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