Women of courage

In a gathering with Chilean girls in Santiago, July 7, 1974, St Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei, talked about the holy women who appear in the Gospel.

"There is a woman, my daughters, whom we all love a lot, the Mother of Jesus, and our Mother, our Queen and our Lady, and she hardly appears in the Gospel. In the Gospel we see many women and they are all delightful: the Canaanite woman, with her persistence, Martha and Mary, who offer our Lord hospitality, the mother of John and James, who, like all mothers, wants the best for her children and... shall we go on? My daughters, there isn't one who's a liar, there isn't one who denies Jesus. When the men run away, when the men are cowards, the women are courageous: at the foot of the Cross stand the women. I want to tell you that I have great trust in women, I have great confidence in you; I have so much affection for my daughters."