Prelate: “Ernesto Cofiño was leaven that transformed his environment”

Words of the Prelate of Opus Dei upon learning of Pope Francis' decision on the decree of heroic virtues for the Guatemalan Ernesto Cofiño.

I wish to share with you our joy for Pope Francis’ decision to authorize the Dicastery for the Causes of Saints to promulgate the decree on the heroic virtues of Ernesto Cofiño.

Ernesto responded to God’s grace and his vocation by living the Christian virtues in his family, in his profession as a doctor, and in generous service to those most in need: the sick, the poor, orphans. Together with his wife Clemencia, he transformed his home – blessed with the gift of five children – into a bright and cheerful home, which was an example for those who knew him.

I invite you to give thanks to God, because this step in the itinerary of the Cause of Beatification of this supernumerary brother of ours is a new call to spread generously the charism of holiness and apostolate in the fulfillment of each one’s ordinary duties: family, professional and social.

Faithful to his vocation as a supernumerary in Opus Dei, Ernesto has acted in Guatemalan society like leaven which little by little transforms the environment around him. As Saint Josemaría said, when speaking about the supernumeraries, his life as a consistent Christian helped to imbue “all the activities of the world with supernatural content, which – as it spreads – will contribute effectively to solving the great problems of mankind" (Letter 29, no. 10).

Let us thank our Lord and our Lady for this joyful news and let us also be grateful to the Holy Father for wanting to make this decision.