“A Miracle I Owe to St. Josemaría”

Joana Bouça has two children. Twelve years ago St. Josemaría helped her after a bad accident. More recently she received another favor through his intercession during the birth of her second child.

Personal testimonies

Twelve years ago, while on vacation, I volunteered at a youth center run by members of Opus Dei.  The day we went to the shore something happened that changed my life forever.  As we were preparing to leave, gathering for a group photo, an iron protective railing gave way and I fell almost 20 feet, striking my shoulder against the wooden dock to which the boat was moored.

It took three surgeries to stabilize my spine.  After some time I was able to walk again.  In the days following the accident several doctors I didn’t know came into my room and asked the same question:  “Who is the saint watching over you?”  And I replied, “St. Josemaría Escrivá.”  “Well, then,” they said, “he’s the one you have to thank for being able to move your legs after such a fall.”  Indeed I had said his prayer card before leaving for the beach that day, asking for his protection.

Joana with her husband and one of her sons

Recently I became a mother for the second time.  Due to the accident, I have a fibrous spine, which reduces the effectiveness of the epidural anesthesia.  Also everything happened so quickly there wasn’t time to administer the injection.  So I had to endure the pain.  Time went by, and still no child.  It was late, and my strength was failing, so I asked St. Josemaría once more:  “Let this birth come at 1 a.m.!”  And thank God, just as I was about to ask for a Cesarean, at 1:02, Juanito was born.

It was late, and my strength was failing, so I asked St. Josemaría once more: “Let this birth come at 1 a.m.!”

In the days that followed, I had one more scare, when the doctors thought the baby would have to be kept for a week to perform an “antibiotherapy” and a “phototherapy.”  Once more I had recourse to St. Josemaría, and they decided those procedures weren’t needed.  So we were able to go home in peace.

Joana Bouça lives in Porto, Portugal.

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