Heaven in Daily Instalments - Episode 7

How to know whether we are interpreting correctly St John Chrysostom calls the Bible “God’s Letter to Men”. This is why, aside from a time for prayer, we need to set aside a few minutes everyday to read the Sacred Scriptures. Those who have a habit of daily Scriptural reading discover that there is always something new, a message for each day. The Catechism of the Catholic Church #112-114 gives us three ideas: Firstly, be especially attentive “to the content and unity of the whole Scripture.” It means that the Scripture does not contradict itself. Secondly, read the Scripture within “the living Tradition of the whole Church.” For example, studying the teachings of the Church Fathers. Lastly, be attentive to the analogy of faith. We have to check what we read against what the Church has always believed and taught. The Church is the faithful repository and authoritative interpreter of the Good News of salvation.

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