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Formation in Spiritual Discernment

In his monthly prayer intention for March 2018, Pope Francis has focused on spiritual discernment: the ability to single out among all voices, which is the voice of the Lord, that leads us to the Resurrection and to Life, and away from the "culture of death".

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Footprints in the Snow

One winter's day, Josemaria went out early and saw some bare footprints in the snow. A friar was walking barefoot to offer a sacrifice to God. This segment is from an animated film on St. Josemaría's early life.

Footprints in the Snow

Footprints in the Snow

It may seem surprising that a little thing like some footprints in the snow was enough to make a teenager make the great decision to give his life to God. But that is the language God often uses to call people, and that is how generous souls who seek God sincerely are capable of responding, with faith.