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When Twin Brothers Decide to Enter the Diocesan Seminary

Dora met her husband at the radio station where she works. They have four children, two of whom, Pedro and Afonso, are twins. Both sons decided to enter the diocesan seminary, and will be ordained deacons on November 28 in Lisbon.

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“I sought peace in drugs and Reiki… and found it in prayer”

Catarina, who lives in Porto, Portugal, is a social worker. After a turbulent time in her life, she says that God helped her find peace in prayer, in her family, and in her work with the homeless.

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"I found myself before the Tabernacle, without knowing what to do"

Aurora, who is studying music in Portugal, talks about how her encounter with Christ in the Tabernacle, and a good Confession, made her life much richer.

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Trapped by the Floods in Germany

“Move fast! You’re in danger. Put what you need for three days in a knapsack. We’ll come back for you in a few minutes.” José Santos. a Portuguese doctor, recounts his dramatic experience during the recent floods in Germany.

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"We all have a great mission in life"

Teresa’s life was filled with many interesting activities, but amid all her busy days the question remained: What is expected of me in this life? Why am I here?

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A Blind Priest Who Discovered Joy Thanks to Saint Josemaria

At the age of 16, Father James lost his sight completely. But not his inner light. Now 36 years old, accompanied by his faithful dog "Ibiza," he says that the spirituality of Opus Dei played an important part in the discovery of his vocation to the priesthood.

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My Return Trip to God After 35 Years

"I would like to tell you the story of my life with its twists and turns, in which – now I’m sure of it – God never abandoned me," say Manuel, who lives in Portugal.

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Conversion of a Portuguese Horseman

His family owns a discotheque, but his passion has always been horses. In this story of his conversion, Miguel recounts how he met Opus Dei and how cancer has now given his life an even deeper meaning and happiness.

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"Our daughter lived for only three hours"

Four young couples in Portugal speak about their readiness to accept the children God sends them and the joy this brings to their family.

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"We have to reach out to all peripheries"

On July 7, the last day of his stay in Portugal, the Prelate conversed with two large groups of people from the Prelature, in the auditorium of the Cupertino de Miranda Foundation, located in Porto.

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