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The world is Bob’s oyster: God provides

From Mauritius to Kenya to Italy to Australia, this is Bob's story.


New Video Series: "The Richness of Ordinary Life"

In this series of videos “The Richness of Ordinary Life” Prof. Regina Eya explains how the message of St. Josemaría about seeking holiness in ordinary life can be lived in the family, at work and in social life from the perspective of being a child of God.

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Caring for the Elderly When They Need It Most

"As I delved deeper into the reality of aging (some of which I gleaned through caring for my own family) certain unmet needs became more apparent to me." An attorney shares how and why she founded a homecare agency for the elderly.

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Marian: Bursting the Bubble

Marian from Puerto Rico says she grew up in a "bubble": between her family and her school, all her needs were always met. All of that changed after doing some community service at school. Motivated by Saint Josemaria's encouragement to foster a genuine concern for every person, she also wants to help others to see beyond their own immediate needs.

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"I still read 'The Way' for inspiration"

Michael Miley, drummer for the Rival Sons, discovered the Catholic faith through a friend. He says Saint Josemaria's book "The Way" motivates him to want to do his work better.


Law, Life and Loving God

Nkem Agboti, a Lagos lawyer, tells her experience of ordinary life and of the inspiration she found in the life of Guadalupe Ortiz de Landazuri, her discovery of family values, the need to bring her friends on-board in matters of faith and the Christian mission, the value of little things and her involvement in pro-life activities.

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"The run of his life" – article published in "Aleteia"

Kyle Lang, a Princeton student, took part in a coast-to-coast run last summer to raise money for charity. He says that Saint Josemaria's writings on sanctifying ordinary life taught him to incorporate his faith into his sport.

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The beginning of my love affair with God

Collins finds God in a centre of Opus Dei in Enugu, Nigeria.

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A Light for My Feet

Michelle Murray was born in Michigan, USA and lives in Edmonton, Canada. Professional occupation: artist. She is a mother of eight children and eight grandchildren.

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"Shosh" - the life of Mrs. Oda Namulanda

"Shosh" is the affectionate nickname that many students at Kibondeni College gave to the late Mrs. Oda Namulanda. It translates to "Granny" in English. The affection that moved those lady students to call her Shosh was born from the trust and good humour that Mrs. Namulanda cultivated with each of them through her inspiring work as a teacher and a mentor.

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