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A Worldwide Conversation on Affectivity and Sexuality

From 4-5 June 2022, an online conference will take place organized by the IFFD (International Federation for Family Development) with the title “Love Talks.”

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Inspiring Examples of Sanctity in Marriage

Next Thursday, 26 May 2022, the 2nd day of reflection on lay holiness will be held in Rome. Entitled "Sanctity, Marriage, Family," it will take place just one month before the end of the “Amoris Laetitia” Year of the Family. The Prelate of Opus Dei will give the closing address.

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Five Children on Earth and Two in Heaven

Alejandro and Adriana, who live in Guadalajara, Mexico, tell us the story of their family, with its great sorrows, and even greater joys.

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Prayer for Families of the People of Opus Dei

Since 1951, on the Sunday after Christmas, in Opus Dei a special petition is made to the Holy Family of Nazareth for the families of the Prelature's faithful. Here is the story of the origin of this prayer.

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"Saint Joseph, you do it because I don’t know how to"

During the four months his wife was in the hospital, José Ignacio says that “every day I prayed to Saint Joseph because he had to deal with much more complicated problems and was a strong support for the Holy Family.”

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“There are so many good people everywhere”

In the Year of Saint Joseph and the Family, Erick Díaz, a Peruvian supernumerary in Opus Dei, talks about how he migrated to the United States filled with dreams. There he met his wife, Sandy, and they now have five children.

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Fathers Strengthening Families

Leading up to Father’s Day this coming Sunday, featured here are dads taking the lead in a new family life podcast celebrating 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines.

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A Love That Seems Excessive

Sergio Larrinaga died several months ago. A few days later his father Manolo also died. This is the story of Eloisa, the mother of Sergio and the wife of Manolo.

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Some Advice for Newlyweds

Paz and Alejandro were married in May 1970, when Saint Josemaria was in Mexico for his pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Paz tells us how they managed to get him to participate in their wedding.

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"Our faith united all of us"

Irvin and Lilly had 11 children. One died and another child, Maria Jose, was born with an incurable and apparently fatal disease. Then, six years ago, Lilly died from cancer. A new testimony about Opus Dei's apostolic work in Puerto Rico.

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