“Absolution, God's forgiveness”

You wrote to tell me that you have at last gone to confession and that you experienced the humiliation of having to open the sewer - that is what you say - of your life to "a man". When will you get rid of that feeling of vain self-esteem? You will then go to confession happy to show yourself as you are to "that man", who, being anointed, is another Christ - Christ himself - and gives you absolution, God's forgiveness. (Furrow, 45)

'Father, how can you listen to such filth?' you asked me, after a contrite confession. I said nothing, and thought that if your humility makes you feel like that,--filth: a heap of filth!--we may yet turn all your weakness into something really great. (The Way, 605)

How little Love of God you have when you yield without a fight because it is not a grave sin! (The Way, 328)

Once again you had gone back to your old follies! And afterwards, when you returned, you didn't feel very cheerful, because you lacked humility. It seems as if you obstinately refuse to learn from the second part of the parable of the prodigal son, and you still feel attached to the wretched happiness of the pig-swill. With your pride wounded by your weakness, you have not made up your mind to ask for pardon, and you have not realised that, if you humble yourself, the joyful welcome of your Father God awaits you, with a feast to mark your return and your new beginning. (Furrow, 65)

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