Getting document from Government Office

I was helping an elderly friend to apply for an official document in a government office. Since I had applied the week before, it should not have been a problem. However, since my friend was to travel that very evening, and would therefore not be in a position to retrieve his document, it was important to ensure that I would be the one to collect it when it was ready. I entrusted this intention to St. Josemaria

Opus Dei - Getting document from Government Office

And so, we went through the procedure with a few problems but eventually we pulled through. Nonetheless, when we asked that they authorize me to pick up the document later on, they said that it was not possible and would need authorization from a more competent official.

As chance would have it, one of the officials was around from the head office and was actually an old classmate of mine. He became quickly aware of the issue and sent us to the head office to speak to the one in charge directly. I at first thought that my friend was putting me off. But rather, upon arriving at the head office, we soon met the official in question and seeing that we had all the details in order, the official only asked us to step out for a few minutes and they would have the document ready immediately! We were both very surprised and grateful that they could do it so soon. Before leaving, with the document in hand, we encountered my old classmate who asked if we had been attended to already and we gave him our thanks.

I am therefore very thankful to St. Josemaria for not only answering a favour, but also for ensuring that we got it sooner and better than we expected.