Finding parts in warehouse

An item was missing at work – in fact a whole pack of items that are used to assemble a crane. Someone suggested that it was in one of the three containers in the warehouse.

Opus Dei - Finding parts in warehouse

It was required very urgently. I had the keys of the warehouse and so someone came for the keys and looked somewhat flustered and very worried: ‘do you think we will be able to find this item?”. All the three containers were full to the brim. But before I could answer they left for another errand.

When I found myself alone in the place, it occurred to me that the next day was St Josemaria’s feast day and he had to help us out in this. So, I said the prayer of the prayercard. On finishing it, the first place I decide to look, the crane items were there. When my colleagues returned with the car, they could not believe their eyes: ‘what did you do to find them so quickly?’…

Once again my friend St. Josemaría bailed us out big time…


14 July 2018.