Bl. Guadalupe and my tonsillectomy

I had tonsillectomy last May 17, 2019 (at age 72). In preparation for the surgery, I needed an IV.

Opus Dei - Bl. Guadalupe and my tonsillectomy

First attempt to insert a needle in my right hand failed. Another nurse came after an hour and tried inserting on my left hand but failed again.

Early the next morning, a male nurse came and tried inserting the needle on my left was not successful either. After some time, another nurse came.

This time I begged Blessed Guadalupe: "Today is your beatification. Please help this lady nurse to insert the needle well because I am due for surgery in 3 hours. Thank you."

Everything went so fast and my needle was in place!

Then came another petition: "Please watch over my operation - the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, all the assistants, so that all will go well."

Indeed all went well despite my BP reaching 200 which worried to death the anesthesiologist.

Thanks be to God and gracias Beata Guadalupe!


Laguna, Philippines