Biography of Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica

Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica was born in Madrid on November 17, 1913, and died in Barcelona on December 7, 1972.

He earned doctorates in mining engineering, natural sciences and theology. He asked for admission to Opus Dei on July 28, 1935.

Responding generously to God’s specific call, his life was centered on the holy Mass, and was very fruitful apostolically. He was always closely united to St. Josemaria, the Founder of Opus Dei, who placed great trust in him.

Gifted by God with many human talents, he placed them at the service of the Church and all who came in contact with him. His humble simplicity and extraordinary sincerity and candor drew many people to him, although he always saw himself as everyone’s servant.

On June 25, 1944 he was ordained a priest. St. Josemaria entrusted him especially with bringing forward Opus Dei’s apostolic work among women in Spain, which he made compatible with many other priestly tasks throughout the country.

Later on he carried out his priestly ministry in a number of European countries, including England, Ireland, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland.

He strove for sanctity in his professional work and then in his priestly ministry, doing so with great generosity. He learned several languages, adapted to a variety of settings and put up with many inconveniences in countries where Opus Dei’s apostolic work was just beginning.

He accepted with great patience and a spirit of sacrifice various illnesses, especially the suffering occasioned by a cancer over more than a year at the end of his life.

God willed to call him to himself on the eve of the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception in 1972, while he was praying.

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