A Light for My Feet

Michelle Murray was born in Michigan, USA and lives in Edmonton, Canada. Professional occupation: artist. She is a mother of eight children and eight grandchildren.

Cooperators of Opus Dei
Opus Dei - A Light for My FeetMichelle Murray, A Light for my feet

Spiritual Direction has been a light for my feet, a sure way to travel through this life.

After reading Saint Faustina's "Diary of a Soul" I had a hunger to receive spiritual direction.

Upon finding out that personal spiritual direction was offered by members of Opus Dei I knew with certainty it was my path. Over the years it has smoothed every rough spot with wisdom, knowledge and peace of soul. I know that Christ is speaking to me personally through these means.Quiet under the trellis

In my use of Chiaroscuro, I learned about the use of light and shade in painting. In a good painting the eye is directed around the canvas by the way the artist paints the light. Likewise, Spiritual direction is the light in the darkness, the Way, a sure path for my feet; a path for holiness.