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“The strong man will at times suffer, but he stands firm”

The facade appears full of strength and resilience. But how much softness and lack of willpower there is within! You must hold to your determination not to let your virtues become fancy dress but clothes which define your character. (Furrow, 777)

“People are not born holy. Holiness is forged.”

Everything in which we poor men have a part--even holiness--is a fabric of small trifles which, depending upon one's intention, can form a magnificent tapestry of heroism or of degradation, of virtues or of sins. The epic legends always relate extraordinary adventures, but never fail to mix them with homely details about the hero.--May you always attach great importance to the little things. This is the way! (The Way, 826)

“If you do not fight…”

Joy is a Christian possession which we will have as long as we keep fighting, for it is a consequence of peace. Peace is the fruit of having conquered in war, and the life of man upon this earth - as we read in Sacred Scripture - is a warfare. (The Forge, 105)

“Struggling for so many years...”

You don't feel like doing anything and there is nothing you look forward to. It is like a dark cloud. Showers of sadness fell, and you experienced a strong sensation of being hemmed in.

“Let us always be brutally sincere”

If that dumb devil mentioned in the Gospel gets into your soul, he will spoil everything. On the other hand, if you get rid of him immediately, everything will turn out well; you will carry on merrily, and all will be well. Resolve firmly to be "savagely sincere'' in spiritual direction (always keeping your good manners) and to be sincere immediately. (The Forge, 127)

“Sanctity in our ordinary tasks”

You have got to be a 'man of God', a man of interior life, a man of prayer and sacrifice. Your apostolate must be the overflow of your life 'within'. (The Way, 961)

“We children of God have to be contemplatives”

I will never share the opinion - though I respect it - of those who separate prayer from active life, as if they were incompatible. We children of God have to be contemplatives: people who, in the midst of the din of the throng, know how to find silence of soul in a lasting conversation with Our Lord, people who know how to look at him as they look at a Father, as they look at a Friend, as they look at someone with whom they are madly in love. (The Forge, 738)