"Young people have always been integral to Opus Dei"

“Youth” is a new project by and for young people.

15 January marked the beginning of “Youth,” a new project for young people on Opus Dei’s official social media channels – Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify – and, eventually, the Opus Dei website. Several Information Offices in different parts of the world came together for a virtual launch event streamed on YouTube (full video here).

The project consists of material for young people, from video testimonies about social initiatives and podcasts with material for prayer to infographics explaining Catholic doctrine, case studies about friendship and family life, and articles exploring Saint Josemaria’s writings and teachings.

“Young people have always been integral to Opus Dei,” the hosts explained. “God chose a young man, St. Josemaria, to found this institution in the Church when he was 26, a bit older than many of you, and he looked to his friends, students he knew, to help him. By the will of God, something great started with a handful of young people. God is counting on young people to do great things today. As Pope Francis always says, the Church needs joyful, courageous, faithful young people. The Church needs us. And Opus Dei exists to serve the Church, which means that we want to give you what you need to carry out the great things God wants from you.”

The launch event included testimonies from some members of the content production team and young people who shared their testimonies in videos that form part of the project, including Julie (above) and Nacho (here).

It is being launched initially in English and Spanish. Subscribe on Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube to be notified when new content is released.