Traffic, Floods and Prayer

Tracy Fernandes, an executive analyst in finance, works and lives in the crowded city of Mumbai. She lives with her parents and her brother and sister. Up and down, from home to the office and back … it is her daily life.

I first encountered Opus Dei, in Mumbai, around 4 years ago through my mother. She had come to the centre for a day of recollection and liked it so much that she urged me to come as well. Then I started participating regularly in some talks and activities that helped me a lot in my everyday life. Eventually I joined Opus Dei.

Being an ordinary working professional, like millions of people in Mumbai, I just led a life that was very monotone and hectic, like the one of many of my friends and colleagues. As everybody knows, Mumbai is a very crowded and fast city in which everyone runs with rain or heat or whatever it is. Nothing stops Mumbai working people. Even during the monsoon season, when the water of the rain reaches sometimes till the knees or higher, people still continue working. It is amazing!

I usually spend many hours traveling within the city in the midst of a heavy traffic, before reaching my office or coming back home. Most of the times the traffic got on my nerves and I used to just waste my time grumbling and loosing my head. But after knowing Opus Dei and understanding the life of a true Christian, I changed my ways of dealing with this small irritating issue. Now, when I am stuck in traffic, for example, with cars and buses honking all the time, I usually pray for a while, read a book, etc. I try to offer up such things in a better way now.

That is because through Opus Dei I have learnt that you can be in constant dialogue with our Lord throughout the day, whether you are travelling, cooking, working, lying in bed, or wherever and whenever. This new discovery really helps me do much better now the same things I did previously. Be it at home, dealing with my siblings and parents, trying to create a more peaceful and nicer family atmosphere, or at work, giving the best I can, being ready to help anyone in need.

What I learn in Opus Dei truly helps me improve as a person, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a professional. I am very grateful to God for the grace of my vocation to Opus Dei. And I am very grateful to my mother, who put me in contact with this institution of the Catholic Church.