Information Handbook 2020

The Information Handbook is a publication of the Information Office of Opus Dei and is published to help journalists and other media professionals. It contains a summary of the nature, history and organisation of the Opus Dei Prelature, an institution of the Roman Catholic Church.


1. General description of the Opus Dei prelature

1.1. Characteristics and mission

1.2. Message of Opus Dei

1.3. Historical overview

1.4. The founder, St Josemaría Escrivá

1.5. Successors of St Josemaría at the head of Opus Dei

1.5.1. Blessed Alvaro del Portillo (1975-1994)

1.5.2. Bishop Javier Echevarría (1994-2016)

1.6. Mgr. Fernando Ocáriz, prelate of Opus Dei

2. The faithful of the prelature

2.1. Priests and laity

2.2. Incorporation into the prelature

2.3. Religious and spiritual formation

2.4. Professional and public activity

3. Priestly Society of the Holy Cross

4. Cooperators of Opus Dei

5. Apostolic Initiatives

5.1. Corporate activities

5.2. Relationship with Opus Dei

5.3. Examples of corporate works around the world

6. Organisation

6.1. Personal prelatures

6.2. The Opus Dei prelature

6.3. Structure

6.4. Relations with the dioceses

6.5. Financial matters

7. Some data

7.1. People

7.2. Dates when Opus Dei began its work in different countries

8. Bibliography

8.1. Writings of St Josemaría

8.2. Books about the founder

8.3. Books about Opus Dei