"I consider everything in the light of my vocation"

Anne-Marie Walker is a Children’s Book Editor and Publisher. Living in Liverpool with her husband, she is a Supernumerary member of Opus Dei.

It’s a shared hobby – a shared passion! My husband and I love bird-watching. When I was first engaged I realised I had a choice – find a way to be interested in birds, or be very bored when I went bird-watching with my future husband – and for the rest of my life! So almost by mistake I fell in love with birds too. Today is our seventh wedding anniversary – so we’re going to an owl sanctuary.

 I realised I had a vocation when I was fifteen, there was a clear moment in my mind when I understood the sanctification of ordinary work. It wasn’t until I was at university in Oxford that I had the opportunity to attend any formation activities of Opus Dei and when I did, I joined very quickly. It was all lying there dormant so at the first opportunity it all came out. I’m unusual in that I’ve always known what I wanted and where I was going, from a very young age. It’s a character thing.