Helping Busy People Pray

"10 Minutes with Jesus" offers daily 10 minute reflections aimed at helping people pray better. Its audience continues to grow all over the world.

"10 Minutes with Jesus" is the English-language version of the successful "10 Minutos con Jesus" which was launched in August 2018, promoted by some priests, following the encouragement of a mother and teacher named Maria Feria. She wanted material to give to her children and pupils to help them keep up the practice of mental prayer during their holidays. The formula proved a great success and has grown to reach to an audience of some 70,000 listeners -- so far!

During these daily 10-minute meditations, the preacher leads the listener in guided prayer. The English-language version began on August 22, 2019 thanks to the encouragement and support of a group of Catholic youngsters who now help with the daily distribution of the meditations. They asked several priests of Opus Dei to join the project and managed to gather a team from the five continents, with a wide range of accents and approaches.

What unites the preachers is their passion to help people living ordinary lives discover Christ in their everyday activities. The meditations focus on the Gospel of the day's Mass and the feast or liturgical season to help people get used to praying with the Gospels and foster a personal conversation with Jesus in order to develop a personal, loving relationship with Him.

The upbeat and natural style of preaching is something the priests of Opus Dei learned from St. Josemaría. People can listen to them during their daily commute, at home while doing chores, or with headphones practically anywhere, ideally before the Blessed Sacrament. What matters is to provide a new channel to put them in direct contact with Christ.

These meditations can also help people to evangelise. While principally aimed at practising Catholics, these 10 Minutes aim to be accessible to everyone. Thus, Catholics can share them with their friends, even those who may not be very regular in their religious practice or may not even be Catholic. They are positive and sensitive: clear in Catholic faith and practice but in a gentle, joyful and even playful manner. A Gospel scene, a good anecdote and a clear practical message for our days.

What people say:

"Thank you very much for your effort. Before I found it difficult to pray for lack of time. Now I use your 10 Minutes when commuting every day. It really makes my day!"

"Thank you for these 10 Minutes. I often share them with friends and they always appreciate it. For me, it is now part of my daily routine. I don't miss my prayer anymore."

"A big THANK YOU to all those who make possible these meditations. I got hooked. Not a single day goes by without my 10 Minutes with Jesus. Keep it up!"

"I love these 10 minute meditations. Thank you! They help me to be consistent in my prayer, to read and meditate the Gospels more."

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