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Signs of God's Mercy in Mumbai

Rohan, an engineering student, and Joel, a young worker, recently made a visit to the poor in Mumbai, India. They discovered many people abandoned by society and their families. A story published by AsiaNews.

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"I consider everything in the light of my vocation"

Anne-Marie Walker is a Children’s Book Editor and Publisher. Living in Liverpool with her husband, she is a Supernumerary member of Opus Dei.

Opus Dei

Life in a University Residence

Haseen S. Aswani, a Hindu, is a student of pharmacy and the dean of the Alsajara University Residence in Granada, Spain, a corporate work of Opus Dei for women

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From Mumbai to Pope Francis

Joshua Gomes is a Mass Media student at Mumbai University. He recently travelled to Rome to participate in an international congress on “The Ecology of the Human Person and His Environment”.

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“Isidoro 100%” – Illustrated Profile of Isidoro Zorzano

“Isidoro 100%” is a sketch of the life of Venerable Isidoro Zorzano, based on 259 testimonies collected after his early death at the age of 41 when he was working as an engineer for the Spanish railroad system.

Isidoro Zorzano

"We need to move from infatuation to mature love"

In his 1 December general audience, Pope Francis continued his catechesis on Saint Joseph, speaking about his role as "Mary's betrothed spouse."

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The Solidarity Refrigerator

Thanks to the impetus of cooperators of Opus Dei, a neighborhood initiative began in Brazil to help needy people during the ongoing pandemic.

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Pope Francis Receives the Prelate in Audience

At 9.15 am today, Pope Francis welcomed Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz, Prelate of Opus Dei, accompanied by the Auxiliary Vicar, Monsignor Mariano Fazio.

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A Faithful Son of Saint Josemaria

Father Cormac Burke, who helped begin Opus Dei's apostolic work in several countries, died on 22 November in Nairobi, after many years of faithful work in Kenya. He was also a well-known author and worked as a judge on the Roma Rota.

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Novena to the Immaculate Conception

Nine days of special preparation for the great feast of our Lady's Immaculate Conception, with some resources for growing in love for Mary Immaculate.

Fostering Interior Life