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Going on Vocation

Using Sacred Scripture and the writings of the saints and the Popes, this recent book provides young people with material for reflecting on the topic of vocation.

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Something Great That Is Love (VIII): Am I making the right decision?

"In the process of discerning our own vocation we are never alone, since every vocation is born and takes shape in the Church."

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Something Great That Is Love (VII): Giving one's life for one's friends

"This is the secret of a celibate heart: leaving behind a love on this earth in order to fill the whole world with the light of God's Love."

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Something Great That Is Love (VI): So that the music plays

The vocation to Opus Dei is a call to "interpret" personally a musical score, to play a divine music that has as many interpretations as persons.

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"The courage to take a risk"

Message of Pope Francis for the 2019 World Day of Prayer for Vocations, on May 12. Through the call He addresses to each person, our Lord "opens before our eyes the horizon of a greater sea and an abundant catch."

From the Church and the Pope

The Vocation of Josemaría Escrivá (1918-1928)

First published in "Scripta Theologica", this article by Jose Luis Gonzalez Guillon analyses a singular event, whose centenary we commemorate: the footprints in the snow made by some discalced Carmelites led St Josemaría to discover his vocation in the Church and deepen personally in the Christian mystery.


Something Great That Is Love (V): How do we discover our vocation?

There are as many stories of vocation as there are men and women. This article offers some signs that can help each person reach a conviction regarding his or her own calling from God.

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Something Great That Is Love (IV): More mothers and fathers than ever

"The mission of parents is not limited to welcoming the children God gives them. It lasts their whole life, and has as its goal heaven." A new article in the series of vocation.

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Working on Trust (8): God chose my son

God has a plan for each one of us. A Christian family is entrusted with the task of accompanying each of its members in discerning God's plan. Eighth video in the series "Working on Trust."

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Something Great That Is Love (III): Our true name

Responding to God's plan for our life reveals our true name to us. A new article in the series on vocation.

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