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Making the Centre a Home (II)

Christian families are places where everyone lives and works for the others. Some missteps that can undermine this spirit, and ways to reawaken it.

Fostering Interior Life

Making the Centre a Home (I)

Open, bright, cheerful homes: this is what God wants. This is the first instalment of reflections on family life within the centres of Opus Dei.

Fostering Interior Life

Apostles Who Give Life

The vocation to Opus Dei as a numerary: enlarging the heart to transmit God's life to the members of the Work and to those who share a stretch of the journey towards heaven with them.

Fostering Interior Life

Associates: Deep Roots and High Branches

The vocation to Opus Dei as an associate: an unlimited field of possibilities.

Fostering Interior Life

A Home That Reaches the Whole World

The vocation of a numerary assistant is a specific calling to care for and strengthen family ties in Opus Dei.

Fostering Interior Life

Supernumeraries: In the Bloodstream of Society

Supernumeraries: the men and women who are the most frequently seen face of Opus Dei.

Christian Life